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The Project
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Work Breakdown Structure

PrestoPRIME’s strategy is based on analysing the structures, problems and requirements of file-based digital media content, and finding ways of extending long-term preservation approaches to handle the needs of very large collections of very large audiovisual files.

The work programme is designed around a series of five RTD and Innovation work packages which address not only the central scientific and technological problems but also the practical and business issues, and the need for a Competence Centre to support the archives and library community :

  • WP2 Models and environments for long-term audiovisual preservation
  • WP3 Data management and processing for media preservation
  • WP4 Long-term audiovisual access and use in changing contexts
  • WP5 is the Integration and Validation workpackage
  • WP7 is devoted to Other Dissemination and Training

Bloc diagram

The following diagram shows how they inter-relate:

diagram Work Plan

The RTD workpackages are complemented by an Innovation work package, WP6 Audiovisual Preservation Competence Centre, which will establish the operation of the Competence Centre and the European Association of Audiovisual Archive and Content Holders.

The technologies and services will be Demonstrated and evaluated, under field trial conditions, in WP8 Competence Centre Showcases.

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