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PrestoPRIME : Glossary of Rights & Questionnaire

RAI is one of the partners of PrestoPrime Project. This is one important European projects concerning Audiovisual contents and their future as digital contents as well their access for all.

PrestoPRIME will research and develop dynamic processes that can preserve indefinitely not only the audiovisual signal but also its evolving associations, context and rights. In the field of the protection of the intellectual propriety, the project will develop a rights management system that manage content at all stages of its lifecycle, in all contexts of use.

Rai, with it rights archive department, leads the activity on rights management.

Nowadays, rights clearance and management operations represent the major bottleneck in the exploitation of archived audiovisual contents. In fact, the development of new technologies raises the question of whether an archive or a broadcast (content holders) is still entitled to exploit the AV work within the rights granted or whether such new technology requires new rights.

The mode of transmission, the time period, the territorial coverage and the number of broadcast transmissions have become fundamental factors.

Rights statements are included in contract texts in free form, without an agreed and unambiguous terminology. The association between the contract and the content is generally implicit. Statements can apply to different parts of the content; there is no explicit association between shots and rights. Furthermore, rights can have a temporal span and are often reacquired or renegotiated subsequently.

At present every nation or even worse every broadcaster define its own Rights Glossary. But the rights trade, especially for movies and sport events, is worldwide therefore every broadcast that acquires the rights to transmit this event has the necessity to translate the acquired rights clauses in own glossary of rights and this can imply a improper use of the content for a misinterpretation of clauses. A common and simplified model for rights descriptions would greatly improve the situation, at least for the archiving of new born digital content. It should be possible to sign contracts based on commonly agreed terms, which could be modelled and associated to the audiovisual content as metadata.

The first step of our work in PrestoPrime is to create a simple and sharing Glossary defining rights and exploitation. This Rights Glossary contains almost all rights definitions taken from the most important agreements done by RAI. We split the definitions more detailed as possible, on the basis of a different kind of agreements such as American majors (for example Buenavista or Paramount), worldwide sport federations (such as FIFA or FOA) and private productions and distribution companies (for programmes concerning cultural contents, or current affairs contents or light entertainment).

We would be very grateful to all partners if you could give us a feedback on this glossary, concerning both suggestions and objections, in order to permit us to increase and/or modify the glossary itself.

Glossary of rights and Questionnaire.(see links)

Please, feel free to forward this to any person in your company that you think would be qualified about this argument, so we can contact direcly him to get some answers.

We kindly ask you to complete and return this by 1st September to   and  

On the basis of this Glossary we will develop a European rights ontology and associated data model to create an integrated management system for rights along the lifecycle from acquisition, to editing, to archive and distribution. The rights management system will map the rights to the content time line, as metadata (we just did it for content descriptions).

Glossery of Rights

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PDF version

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PrestoPRIME - Glossary 2009 - Published on 16-07-2009