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Audiovisual content collections are undergoing a transformation from archives of analogue materials to very large stores of digital data. As time-based digital media and their related metadata are edited, re-used and re-formatted in a continuously evolving environment, the concept of the unique original loses its meaning and we require dynamic processes that can preserve indefinitely not only the audiovisual signal but also its evolving associations, context and rights.

PrestoPRIME will research and develop practical solutions for the long-term preservation of digital media objects, programmes and collections, and find ways to increase access by integrating the media archives with European on-line digital libraries in a digital preservation framework. This will result in a range of tools and services, delivered through a networked Competence Centre.

The project will deliver a preservation framework, complete with risk management and content quality and corruption control measures, capable of supporting audiovisual signal migration and multivalent preservation methods using federated services for distributing and storing content. It will create a metadata conversion and deployment toolkit, with a novel and efficient process for metadata vocabulary alignment, annotation and services for user-generated content metadata. A rights management system and audiovisual fingerprint registry will make it possible to track and manage content at all stages of its lifecycle, in all contexts of use.

The project will demonstrate and evaluate an integrated prototype of the preservation Framework and software in the networked Competence Centre. The Competence Centre and the European Association for Audiovisual Archives will be established to provide business models, registry and best practice services and training.

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European Commission 7th Framework Programme for Research

Thematic priority : ICT (Information Communication Technologies)
Call :
Type of instrument : Collaborative project (generic)
Work programme topics adressed :
Project Name : PrestoPRIME
Project Number : FP7-231161
Duration : 42 months (2009/01 to 2012/06)
Co-ordinator name : Daniel Teruggi
Co-ordinator organisation name :
Co-ordinator email :